Pandemic #AtoZ

I can't wait to get back to doing the shopping myself, but for now,Jimmy is still in charge....well kind of What time are you going shopping, Jimmy? I'll go shortly. do you need anything special? We're running out of hand sanitizer. You won't get hand sanitizer in the shops for love nor money, Bernie. We'll … Continue reading Pandemic #AtoZ

Girls just wanna have fun #AtoZ

Koko and Kylie have Jimmy demented. They're up all night watching Netflix , then in bed 'til lunchtime, and in between they've another form of entertainment. What is that bloody noise upstairs, Bernie? The girls are probably making a Tic Toc. A what? Tic Toc. It's an app on their phone. They make videos of … Continue reading Girls just wanna have fun #AtoZ