Pandemic #AtoZ


I can’t wait to get back to doing the shopping myself, but for now,Jimmy is still in charge….well kind of

  • What time are you going shopping, Jimmy?
  • I’ll go shortly. do you need anything special?
  • We’re running out of hand sanitizer.
  • You won’t get hand sanitizer in the shops for love nor money, Bernie.
  • We’ll just have to use bars of soap then.
  • Sure haven’t you enough duty free vodka in the garage to stop any virus in its tracks, I’m sure you could make some sanitizer.
  • I’m not using me vodka to wash me hands. God knows when we’ll get away again to top up.
  • You cant be that worried so.
  • I’m not worried. I’m a survivor,Jimmy.
  • We’ll never hear the end of how you survived covid19.
  • You’d better believe it 😇
  • I’ll go to Aldi, see if they’ve got any deliveries of the bloody hand sanitizer.
  • Get a couple of bottles of 7up as well.
  • This is not the flu,Bernie, for fuck sake, 7 up won’t help.
  • Who’s talking about flu? I fancy a few vodkas later. Oh and grab a bag of ice while you’re there.
  • You think alcohol cures everything.
  • It can’t do any harm, Jimmy. Oh and don’t forget the jax rolls.