The quiet man and the wild woman

Maureen O'Hara

  •  See poor aul Maureen O’Hara died Jimmy
  • Lord rest her. She was a great age but Bernie
  • Ninety five. Jaysis imagine living to be ninety five
  • She looked great for her age. She always reminded me of me ma
  • She wasn’t a bit like your ma. Your ma had brown hair, before she went grey I mean. Maureen was a redhead
  • I’m not talking about her hair Bernie. I mean her manner
  • What? A drama Queen you mean?
  • My ma is not a drama Queen
  • Whatever you say Jimmy
  • Maureen never forgot where she came from. My ma is the same.
  • Your ma has lived in The Liberties all her life Jimmy, she’s hardly likely to forget
  • She was a passionate woman
  • Who? Your ma?
  • No Maureen. Remember her in ‘The Quiet Man’
  • She was acting Jimmy. she was an actress
  • Me da always said she had fire in her blood
  • Maureen?
  • No, me ma. I believe she was a wild woman in her day
  • …and him such a quiet man himself
  • Except when he drank whiskey
  • Remember what he said when you’d ask him if he’d like a drop of water for his whiskey Jimmy.
  • ‘When I drink whiskey I drink whiskey. When I drink water I drink water’
  • He robbed that from the movie
  • He said they robbed it from him
  • The quiet man
  • …and the wild woman
  • R.I.P. Da
  • R.I.P. Maureen

A man with balls

during the UEFA Champions League semi final first leg match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid at Signal Iduna Park on April 24, 2013 in Dortmund, Germany.

Is there no end to the football? I’ve a pain in me arse watching it…and it’s not only that… the roars and shouts and bad language coming out of  Jimmy is fuckin’ terrible. I usually stay in the kitchen with the radio turned up so I can’t hear him. I only pop in with a cuppa for Jimmy when Chelsea is playing, just to be supportive like.

  • That José Mourinho is a fine thing isn’t he Jimmy
  • He’s a bleedin’ stockin’ Bernie
  • I read in the paper that he has balls. I like a man with balls
  • I’m sure ye do Ber but Mourinho is a gobshite
  • Is he?
  • He’s like a fuckin’ aul one, always moaning and giving out
  • Well maybe he has good reason, them players are always messin’
  • He nearly had a conniption when John Terry got a red card
  • A red card is serious bu’ isn’t it?
  • Serious enough for Terry to be dismissed from the team
  • I thought he was the captain?
  • He is Bernie.
  • No wonder José was upset, God love him.
  • God love me arse Bernie.
  • Well…the captain should know better. He must be a right little gurrier
  • Leave it out will ye Bernie. You haven’t a bleedin’ clue
  • I’m just trying to be supportive Jimmy
  • How are you being…
  • … Ah look he’s singing Jimmy, José is singing, bless him. Why is he singing Jimmy?
  • Because they won Ber
  • He’s not a very good singer is he Jimmy?
  • Shite Bernie, pure shite
  • He’s still a bit of a ride tho’
  • He’s still a bleedin’ stocking Ber
  • Ah leave him alone
  • You know nothing about football Bernie
  • Well I’m trying to learn, and as I was saying I’m just trying to be supportive
  • How are you being supportive
  • I came in to watch the match with you didn’t I? Cheer the team on
  • I don’t even support Chelsea Bernie
  • Oh right…anyway, would ye like another cup of tea so Jimmy?

That was a few weeks ago.  I believe poor José is in deeper shit now …Jimmy is delighted but I still think he’s a ride  🙂