Twenty Angels

Two years today. So so sad. xxx

Trish Nugent Writer.

I wrote this in memory of the twenty-six people — 20 students and six adults, who were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut one year ago today, December 14 2012.  R.I.P

sandy hook

Twenty Angels

Twenty angels now in Gods arms

Arrived before their time

Their families are left distraught

Victims of such a crime

God must have really wanted them

To be there by his side

For his sons Birthday celebrations

The day that they all died

Twenty angels now in Heaven

Arriving for the big day

Just eleven days before Christmas

For baby Jesus’ Birthday

They left in such a hurry

They never said goodbye

They never knew it was their time

That they were about to die

Twenty angels Gone to Heaven

Missed so much by dads and mams

Why did they have to be taken

So violently by guns

We pray they didn’t suffer

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13 Seconds


My jaysis Richard look at de state of you. Did you not go to bed at all?

I told ye I was stayin’ up for de McGregor  fight ma

Oh right. Well how did it go?

13 seconds

What d’ye mean 13 seconds?

He knocked Aldo out in 13 seconds

13 seconds? You paid 20 euro  to watch a fight that only lasted 13 seconds?

Well I didn’t know he was gonna knock him out in 13 seconds did I ? He’s a hard bastard

Imagine de poor sods who paid 500 euro in Vegas. They must be hoppin’

They don’t give a shite. A few of de lads from work went. They said it’s buzzin’

All that money tho’ for flights and Hotels too, for a 13 second fight

Ah they did the twelve pubs of Vegas too. They were hammered

You must have had a right skinful yourself, look at de bleedin’ head on ye

Ah me and de lads just had a few beers  watchin’ the pre fights

A few me arse. You’d want to shut dem eyes before ye bleed to death

Ah stop ma, me head is bangin’ Are you doin’ a fry up? I need some soakage

I suppose ye want de works?

Ye, I’d eat a cows arse through a hedge with no salt

I’ve no cows, will rashers and sausages do?

Sound ma, and some white puddin’ and beans…and a dippy egg and fried bread

So was de 13 seconds worth it then?

I missed it

Ye what?

Ye, I went out to de jax and when I got back it was all over

Ah for fuck sake, talk about money down de toilet

Oh yeah, don’t forget  de white puddin’ ma


Kids… Dey just don’t give a fuck !






Hello…I’ve lost my car

This is why I get the bus into town to do me shoppin’

Trish Nugent Writer.

Dundrum multi story car park is not a good place to lose your car on a busy Friday afternoon before Christmas. It doesn’t help when no one will help when you call for assistance. I know how sad and lonely Adele felt now when she kept getting no reply…

Dundrum carpark

Hello… it’s me.I was wondering if after all this time you can help me

It’s been so long, at least half an hour, and I can’t find my car

Hello, can you hear me? I wish I was in California dreaming about my car, but I’m in Dundrum and that’s not very far. It feels like there’s a million miles between us.

Hello, from the outside. I must have called you a thousand times but you are never there

Hello.Can you hear me on the other side? At least I can say I’ve tried

To tell you I’m sorry I’ve lost…

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All I want for Christmas is…


hoover 2What do you want for Christmas Ber?

I don’t mind. You know I’m easily pleased love

No you’re not

I am so. It’s the thought that counts

You didn’t say that on Christmas morning 1989

You bought me a hoover Jimmy

It’s the thought that counts you said

…and you thought I wanted a hoover?

Well you’d been moaning about the old one

I know but I didn’t want one as a present

You said you’re easily pleased, I don’t think so Bernie

Yeah, with perfume or jewellery Jimmy, not a bleedin’ hoover

I’m sorry I even asked now.

Since when did you go Christmas shoppin’ anyway Jimmy?

What d’ye  mean?

You usually get Kylie or Jason to buy your presents

I do not

Ye do so…well except for 1989

It’s a present ye never forgot tho’ Bernie

Talk about a present that sucks…jaysis

That’s lovely alrigh’. It wasn’t cheap that hoover

So ye said… a hundred bleedin’ times

I get no thanks in this house. I’m goin’ out

See ye later, oh and don’t forget about the microwave, you said you’d get it fixed.

Maybe I’ll just buy you a new…

Don’t even think about it Jimmy…Don’t even think about it

Easily pleased my arse….Jaysis… women


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A beautiful lady has gone to Heaven for Christmas. What a gift for everyone there. She will be missed so much. Fly high Wonder Woman. An inspiration to us all . xxx

Trish Nugent Writer.

I lost my good friend Sarah to cancer yesterday. I still can’t believe she is gone. So sad this close to Christmas for her two little boys. Sleep tight Sarah…our Wonder Woman is flying

sarah mammy wonder woman

There’s a new star in the sky tonight

Big and sparkling and shining bright

Our Sarah, she was too young to die

But she is gone , now she will fly

Up to Heaven on Angels wings

Our star of drama Queens and Kings

We can’t believe she’s not coming back

Our pal so full of fun and craic

Always with a joke  and a laugh

Taking her selfie photographs

A daughter, a wife, a sister, a mother

Sarah was not like any other

Her time had come, she had to go

But we will always miss her so

Yes there’s another Angel in Heaven tonight

Another warrior who fought the fight

Our Wonder Woman…

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