Knocking on Heaven’s door…#AtoZ


I’m way behind on my AtoZ posts this year but I hope I’m excused as I haven’t been feeling the Mae West lately and have been tested for “The Covid” as Maisie calls it. Jimmy’s been very good looking after me while I’ve been in isolation, even though he’s been banished to the spare bedroom and also has to do all of the shopping and cooking. I was waiting weeks for my results, which turned out to be positive.

  • Don’t say anything to me ma, Jimmy.
  • Why not?
  • She’ll be worried sick.
  • I suppose you’re right.
  • And you know what she’s like. She’ll have the whole neighbourhood lighting candles and doing Novenas for me.
  • A few prayers never did anyone any harm.
  • I don’t need prayers, I’m grand.
  • I’ll tell her you’re on the mend.
  • That doesn’t matter, she loves a bit of drama. Once she gets started on that Watts app group of hers, they’ll be checking the death notices on the hour.
  • You’ll have to tell her sometime.
  • I will, when I’m up to ringing her myself.
  • Well, I hope that’s soon, I can’t put her off any longer. I’m running out of excuses every time she rings looking for you. She’ll think you’re trying to avoid her.
  • I AM trying to avoid her.

For how long though?

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