D is for duty free #AprilAtoZ 2020

We always had a day out in the pub with the gang on St. Patrick’s day. Not this year, but. All the pubs were ordered to close two days beforehand on the 15th March.

  • Imagine the pubs being closed on St. Paddy’s day.
  • It’s for the best, Jimmy.
  • No parade either.
  • You haven’t been to the parade in years.
  • That’s not the point. I knew it was there. I had a choice.
  • We’ve very few choices left with this pandemic, Jimmy.
  • I know, it’s crazy isn’t it.
  • Will we have a drink? We’ll have our own little celebration.
  • Sure we may as well.There’s feck all left to do.
  • What do you fancy?
  • A pint.
  • Stop being stupid.
  • What have you got?
  • Everything…except pints.
  • You really went mad on the duty free this time didn’t you?
  • Needs must, Jimmy. God knows when I’ll get away again.
  • True. I’ll have a can of Guinness and a whisky chaser.
  • No Guinness.
  • Ah for feck sake, are you serious?
  • You’re the one that did the shopping, not me.
  • I wasn’t getting into that supermarket queue, it was down the road and around the block. People were like mad things. I only went to the local shop.
  • Did he not have Guinness?
  • I was lucky to get a packet of sausages for the breakfast in there Bernie. A fiver he charged me. Can you imagine how much he’d be charging for Guinness?
  • He’s a robbing bastard, always was.
  • He’s worse now, imagine taking advantage during a crisis like this.
  • Here, have a can of Bud.
  • That shite is like dishwater, Bernie.
  • You can’t afford to be fussy, Jimmy. You can wash it down with a nice glass of Jameson.
  • Go on so, it’ll have to do.
  • Fuck sake, Jimmy. There’s people dying and you’re moaning about cans of beer.
  • I know, I don’t mean it.
  • Sure, we’re all on edge. It won’t be forever.
  • Please God.
  • Happy Paddy’s day, Jimmy.
  • Cheers, Bernie.

We’ll be alcoholics by the time this is all over.

19 thoughts on “D is for duty free #AprilAtoZ 2020

  1. We’ve said here that as soon as people realize “stay at home” means with the spouse and kids, the liquor aisle in the market will be as bare as the toilet paper aisle.

    One thing they lifted was the ban on drive through liquor here — you can go to the daiquiri shops drive up window and get one in a to go cup with a lid and straw!

    Praying this is all over soon.


  2. They closed all our bars right before St. Paddy’s Day too. I think they were worried about an onslaught of people throwing social distancing to the wind. Fortunately, my husband restocked his Guinness so he was all set to celebrate solo this year. Good thing you stocked up at duty free!Weekends In Maine

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  3. not here….we prefer our sunny yard and a few friends….well no friends right now…just neighbors are we’re yelling conversations across the way!

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