Sixty nine


D’ye know how people say things always come in threes Bernie?


I hope it’s true


David Bowie was 69 when he died


Alan Rickman died today

Was he the fella from Harry Potter?


Aww, I loved him. That’s sad

He was 69

What are you gettin’ at Jimmy?

Donald Trump is 69

Is he Jimmy?

He is..


I’m only makin’ an observation Ber

I’ll keep me eye on the news then


I’ll let ye know

Thanks Ber







McGregor coinI’ve heard it all now


They’re talkin’ about puttin’ McGregors face on the euro coin

Who is?

Them gobshites up in Dáil Éireann

Fuck off Jimmy, are ye serious?

Deadly serious Bernie

Wouldn’t ye think that the year that’s in it, they’d be puttin’ Padraig Pearse or James Connolly on it

It’s a loada me bolix Ber

They haven’t a bleedin’ clue have they?

Sittin’ on their holes up in Leinster House after their Christmas holliers wonderin’ how to piss of the Irish public yet again

I wonder what bright spark came up with that idea?

They received a public petition

…and they’re takin’ it serious like? Who de fuck would take that serious?

Enda bleedin’ Kenny after a feed of pints and whiskey chasers in the Dáil bar I’d say

He’s some bleedin’ stockin’

Jaysis Ber. All them brave young men who died for this country in 1916 and they think a young fella who won a medal for a 13 second fight should go on  a coin to celebrate the centenary

They must be takin’ the piss Jimmy

No disrespect to McGregor or anything Ber. He’s a grand chap and he did well in Vegas but it really is takin’ the piss

Would his head even fit on it Jimmy?

It is quite big Bernie

Next you’ll be tellin’ me that Dustin the turkey is goin’ on the two euro coin

Nothin’ would surprise me anymore Ber… Nothin’.

Sure isn’t Leinster house full of turkeys making stupid decisions

True story Ber. True story





Hard to believe he’s dead Ber

I know. He was just always there wasn’t he?

69 wha’…trust him. He’d laugh at tha’

Have a bit of respect

Would ye gerraway oua dat. Bowie would think tha’ was hilarious

You’ve a dirty mind Jimmy Violet

Remember ‘The laughing gnome ‘Bernie?

Yeah, not one of me favourites tho’. It was a bit mad

He was always a bit mad himself, he was great tho’ wasn’t he

Hahaha heeheehee

I’m the laughing gnome and you can’t catch me

Remember when we were only goin’ out together, you used to sing ‘Sorrow’ to me

He could’ve wrote tha’ song for you Ber

Ah it was me favourite Bowie song

With your  long blond hair and your eyes of blue, the only thing I ever got from you was sorrow


Actin’ funny, tryin’ to spend me money

Fuck off , ye hadn’t a bleedin’ ha’penny when I met ye

Just as well I was good lookin’ then Ber

The man who sold the world Jimmy

You never do what you know you oughta, somethin’ tells me you’re the Devils daughter…


It’s a sad day Ber

Too sad Jimmy

R.I.P.  Ziggy Stardust.