Lily of the valley. #AprilAtoZ


  • You’ve gone mad on the veg again Bernie.
  • Have I?
  • Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnips.
  • They’re good for you.
  • I’ll be farting in Technicolor after this lot
  • Don’t you always?
  • Did you forget the peas?
  • You don’t like garden peas.
  • I like a few Yasser marrow fats.
  • I haven’t time to be steeping marrowfat peas Jimmy
  • But they’re me favourite Bernie, and you never cook them.
  • I just forget that’s all.
  • Me ma always has  mushy peas for me.
  • Feck off . You’re like a child.
  • Well, she does.
  • Your ma is great.
  • Stop being sarcastic.
  • Well shut up always telling me how your ma is better than me.
  • I’ve never said that.
  • Well you imply it.
  • It’s all in your mind Bernie.
  • Is it, well why don’t you pop on down to Lily of the valley for some mushy peas.
  • I told you not to keep calling her that, Bernie.
  • Ah feck off, she calls me worse than that.
  • No she doesn’t.
  • Eh, yeah she does.
  • Speaking of being like a child; How old are you?
  • Old enough to keep out of your aul ones way.
  • Would you not try getting on with her, Bernie?
  • Thirty years of trying to get on with that woman is more than enough,Jimmy. I’ve done my time.
  •  I’ll  drop in to see her after dinner.
  • She’ll be delighted to have you all to herself.
  • Grow up, Bernie.
  • You know it’s the truth.
  • Jaysis, all I wanted was a few mushy peas. You find any reason at all to start on me ma.

He doesn’t even notice that he’s the one who starts it.


A-to-Z Reflection [2018]


Sorry I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve been busy trying to write the book.

‘Diary of a Dublin housewife’ is coming along ( slowly but surely)

It was a great month for me. I made some friends, I lost some weight, I wrote everyday and got the boost to continue with the book that I haven’t touched in months.

The good news obviously, is the book is back on track, the bad news is I’ve put the weight back on. Don’t judge me, I need writing fuel…I can’t survive on words alone!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read and comment, you are the ones who gave me the boost to keep on writing.  I’m sorry if I haven’t been around lately but I will catch up with all my new blogger mates as soon as I make a ham sambo and a cuppa ( I might even have a package of crisps…Stoppit! I told you not to judge me. I’ve enough of that from me ma)

Well done to everyone who survived the challenge. You’re all brilliant. So, keep on writing, keep on blogging and for those of you contemplating a diet – forget it. Life is too short to be nibbling celery and carrot sticks. Eat that jumbo breakfast roll, drink that glass (or bottle) of wine, wear those Bridget Jones knickers and above all…Have fun 😉

Catch you later lads,

Bernie Rose Violet xxx ❤ ❤ ❤