Living next door to Alice #AtoZ


So in order for me to catch up with  the AtoZ challenge, I’m going to cheat a  bit and recycle  a couple of my old AtoZ blogs.  Alice still lives next door with her dog, Sunny who still shites in our garden ( Sunny, not Alice). Poor  Larry Gogan lord rest him has died since.


Who the fuck is Alice you might ask. Well Alice is my elderly next door neighbour and she loves nothing better than lying out in the sun in her swimsuit lapping up the rays while enjoying a lemonade or a glass of wine, depending on the time of morning or evening. Well last week she was in her element with all the great weather we had.Jimmy made the most of it too and went out to do some gardening.

  • That aul one is lying out in her nip again
  • Alice?
  • Yeah
  • Really? Has she nothing on?
  • Well, as good as
  • What do you mean?
  • She’s wearing some skimpy swimsuit
  • So she’s not in her nip then
  • She may as well be. There’s bits hanging out all over the place
  • Ah, bless her . She loves the sun
  • She has that radio of hers blaring aswell. Fuckin’ Larry Gogan
  • She’s enjoying herself anyway
  • She is. Shimmying and shaking to the golden oldies
  • So you had a good look then.
  • I was trimming the hedge. I couldn’t but look, and I’ll tell you, it’s not only our bush that needs trimming if you get my drift
  • Aww Jimmy, that’s disgusting
  • Well she’s lying out there in all her glory for all to see
  • It doesn’t normally take you that long to trim the hedge.
  • What are you getting at Bernie?
  • You were obviously enjoying the view
  • Leave it out will ye. She’s a bleedin’ aul one
  • She’s not that old
  • She went to school with De Valera
  • Don’t exaggerate Jimmy
  • Well, she can’t be far off her pension
  • She used to be a beauty queen you know
  • What, Miss Butlins 1946?
  • You’re terrible Jimmy Violet
  • I’m going out to cut the grass
  • Don’t forget your binoculars
  • It’s a bleedin’ blindfold I need Bernie.




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