Remember me

Jimmy's ma is getting more forgetful lately. Howya, Lily.Who are you?I'm Bernie.Jack's sister?No, Jimmy's wife.Jimmy?Your son, James. James is in London working. He's home.Since when?1985.No one told me.He's just putting the kettle on.I'd better get his room ready.No need, Lily.But his bed is not made.Have a cuppa first, then I'll help you.If that young one … Continue reading Remember me

Betty white

Im not well, Bernie. I think I'm on my way.Where?My way out.Why are you going out if you're not well, ma?I'm not going out.You just said...You know what I meant.What's wrong with you?I just don't feel myself, maybe I have the covid.You haven't got covid.Maybe I should do an astringent test.Ma, you've done an astrig … Continue reading Betty white