Girls just wanna have fun #AtoZ


Koko and Kylie have Jimmy demented. They’re up all night watching Netflix , then in bed ’til lunchtime, and in between they’ve another form of entertainment.

  • What is that bloody noise upstairs, Bernie?
  • The girls are probably making a Tic Toc.
  • A what?
  • Tic Toc. It’s an app on their phone. They make videos of themselves dancing or singing and they upload them.
  • It sounds like the ceiling is going to fall in on top of us.
  • You were moaning last week that all they were doing was eating, sleeping, texting and ‘watching that bloody Netflix‘.
  • At least they were quiet.
  • It’s keeping them out of the fridge.
  • For an hour anyway. I never saw young ones eat so much in me life, they have a path worn to the kitchen.
  • I can’t keep up with them, you know they were cooking chicken wings at three o’clock this morning?
  • Ah now, there’s no need for that carry on. That’s ridiculous. You’ll have to tell them, Bernie.
  • I have told them. I’m sick telling them. What do you want me to do? Put a lock on the fridge?
  • They’ll have us eaten out of house and home. Do they realize I’m the only one bringing in a wage?
  • Well, you do keep telling them.
  • Can you imagine if the boys were here?
  • Or Whitney and the baby?
  • I’d have to put a lock on the entire kitchen.
  • And reinforce the bedroom floors.
  • Well, judging by the sounds of that pair upstairs, I might have to do that anyway. They’re like a herd of elephants.

At least they’re having fun, and that’s good during these crazy times.

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