Bernies Benidorm Blues.

Jimmy is getting as bad as me ma, he’s like a broken bleedin’ record…

  • There’s you stuck at home for two weeks now.
  • I know, don’t keep saying it, Jimmy.
  • You brought it on yourself.
  • So you keep saying, Jimmy.
  • You know you can’t be sneaking out to the shops either.
  • I know.
  • Or down to Julies for a sneaky coffee.
  • I fucking know, I’m not a child.
  • Well…
  • Will you leave it out, I’m sick listening about it.
  • I’m just saying.
  • Yeah, you keep just saying.
  • Well, if you hadn’t gone to…
  • If you mention Benidorm one more time, I swear I’ll swing for you.
  • Well, you…
  • Fuck off Jimmy.
  • That’s lovely alright
  • You’re getting on my nerves.
  • Right so, I’ll head to work so, some of usĀ  do have a job to go to.
  • Bye
  • Enjoy Loose Women, wont you?
  • I will, smart arse.
  • Your ma is right, you shouldn’t have gone.
  • No, do you know what? I shouldn’t have bloody come home.

… and this was before the pubs closed, before he finished work, before the lock down. Things couldn’t get any worse…could they?


14 thoughts on “Bernies Benidorm Blues.

  1. Yes, it’s a mess alright. My kids are 50 miles away and they live in a town where there are a growing number of cases. We are on the opposite side of the state from ground zero Detroit, thank goodness, but now that the Detroit hospitals are full they want to ship the sick ones out to all of the outlying hospitals. ACK!!!!!


      1. My son works in a hospital (not patient care) and they finally gave him a mask to wear LAST WEEK after his service union filed grievances about the lack of protection of the workers. Yes it does.

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