Running away

My friend Lynda has been saving her running away money since she got married thirty years ago. She’s fifty now and still hasn’t gone further than Galway for a weekend with the girls. She came over yesterday… I’m running away Bernie Again? What do you mean? Nothing. Where are you going? I don’t know What … Continue reading Running away

It must be love

There was a lovely film on the telly last night with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler... The ultimate rom com. He wasn’t a bit amused I’m not watching this shite Bernie It’s not shite. It’s romantic Jimmy Romantic my arse It is. Look at them, they don’t realise they love each other And we know … Continue reading It must be love

Goodbye Venice Goodbye

Dolores idolised Joe Dolan. She was devastated when he passed away. She even went to his funeral. It was the biggest funeral Mullingar had ever seen. All the celebs were there…Dickie Rock, Brendan Grace, Big Tom; even Daniel came with his sister. Me ma loves Margo. ‘She’s like Donegal’s answer to Patsy Cline, Bernie’ she … Continue reading Goodbye Venice Goodbye