I live in Dublin city

I’m more engaging than pretty

I look nothing like yer wan sweet Molly Malone

I don’t own a wheelbarrow

I have legs like a sparrow

I hate cockles and mussels

And Hawaii Five O.

Hawaii Five O, Hawaii Five O

I hate cockles and mussels and Hawaii Five O

If I was a fish monger

I’d soon die of the hunger

I’ve never eaten poor fishies before

My hips that are now narrow

Would not be tomorrow

If I ate battered cod watching Hawaii Five O

Hawaii Five O, Hawaii Five O

I hate cockles and mussels and Hawaii Five O

If I died of a fever

There’d be plenty of grievers

That would be the end of Sweet Bernie Rose

But my ghost hips would be narrow, my legs like a sparrows

I’d still hate cockles and mussels and Hawaii Five Oh

Hawaii Five O, Hawaii Five O

I hate cockles and mussels and Hawaii Five O

102 thoughts on “Bio

      1. At least you are finding your way. I’m still looking for a candle and a match to light up mine. Soon!


  1. I found your blog using the search on my phone, read several entries, went to ‘like’ it and found that I had to sign in. Of course I don’t know my password, so I had to go to my computer (where I am always signed in), search again through the list (which is hard to see with its light orange font and it being early morning here) and eventually here you are. It was worth it! Lots of fun, I will keep reading. I’m on the A-to-Z Challenge as well, but when I tell you that I don’t even know how to sign my name in such a way that you could find me, I think you’ll see that we may be kindred spirits!

    Keep it up,

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  2. Between this and the ham sandwich, I’m hooked! I’m having to read it all out loud in my (very bad) attempt at an Irish accent – so funny. Thanks for following my blog and directing me back here!

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  3. Great post- very fun….I am only a wee bit Irish, a dash of Scot, English and Welsh. The rest is
    Scandinavian supposedly ……but I do like to nosh on Fish and Chips….somehow still skinny!
    I’ll be following you now- thanks for stopping by!

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  4. Comments not working today on the vodka, sanitizer, 7up story. Just a quick share, when I was seven I was visiting my grandparents on the prairies. My dad phoned from home (another province) to tell them to keep an eye on me as my brother had the measles. My Ukrainian grandfather opened a bottle of rye, and poured me a shot (I was 8) and told me to drink it down. No measles for me! My eyes did burn though !

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