XANADU, a place where nobody dared to go 🤭

So, a few years ago,I was on a keep fit buzz. I tried everything from aerobics to zumba. I even went line dancing.😄 I heard that Olivia Newton John song on the radio today and it reminded me of one of my more adventurous attempts. What are you doing under the stairs ma?I'm looking for … Continue reading XANADU, a place where nobody dared to go 🤭

Widows windows.

Im rehashing an old one lads, sorry about that but I haven't had a minute all week to get my AtoZ up to speed, but I know you love ma when she gets going 🤣 Anyway, you know ma loves a good funeral story.Well, she had plenty to say when I told her about Jimmy's … Continue reading Widows windows.

Royal birthday

We need to organise mas birthday, Jackie.I thought she didn't want anything?You know she says that every year.True, she's probably expecting something.Of course she is.She'll be surprised if there's no surprise.There'd be no living with her if we do nothing.So, what's the plan?Afternoon tea with a birthday cake and presents.We'd better get some prosecco.Of course, … Continue reading Royal birthday