Just like that… #AtoZ


Maisie rang me…again.

  • Mr. Kelly died.
  • Aww no. Was it from Covid19?
  • Yes, I told you it would be.
  •  Young Joseph was in touch with the hospital from Boston. He rang Eileen to let the neighbours know.
  • So, he was on his own when he died.
  • He was, but we can’t blame the covid on that. No matter when he died,he’d probably have been on his own.
  • That’s an awful thing to say ma.
  • He was a narky bastard, gave that poor wife of his hell, and the kids were all terrified of him growing up. Sure they all skedaddled as soon as the mother died.
  • It’s still very sad, and with flight restrictions, they won’t be allowed come home for the funeral.
  • I’m not sure they’d have come anyway.
  • Ma, you’re terrible.
  • It’s the truth.
  • So who will be there to see him off?
  •  I don’t know, Bernie. There’s only three people allowed go to the funeral, and god knows if there’s even three people bothered.
  • Imagine at the end of your days, not having three people to go to your funeral.
  • It’s very sad alright.
  • He went very quick in the end, didn’t he ma?
  • Probably for the best, Bernie, God bless the poor aul sod.
  • It’s scary, ma. One day you’re alive and well, the next you’re gone.
  • In the words of Tommy Cooper, Bernie,  ‘Just like that’.

12 thoughts on “Just like that… #AtoZ

  1. It is sad not to be able to have a regular funeral. It’s even more sad to be the kind of person that no one really mourns when you are gone. That breaks my heart. When his mama had him, she didn’t hold that tiny child in her arms and say, “I hope you grow up to be the kind of man who is so awful no one is even sad when you’re gone.” How some people let themselves become what they become, i just do not know.

    Well, here’s one person shedding a tear for him, and for the man he might have been instead.

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