Jackie’s Army

Another legend gone,Bernie. Ah that's sad, Jimmy. I liked him. Best Ireland soccer manager we ever had. I actually enjoyed the world cups back then, Jimmy. Remember Italia '90? I remember you fecking off to the pub for every match and leaving me at home with the kids. Good times, Bernie, good times. For you … Continue reading Jackie’s Army


Maisie is still keeping up with the neighbours on Wattsapp... Did I tell you, Mrs. Carney's youngest is home. The chap that went to Australia? How many times has he gone and come back? Three, they've started calling him Boomerang. He's home ages, it's the other son that's home now, you know, young Chilly? Chilly?Where … Continue reading Chilly

Banana bread and designer masks.

Things that are getting on my wick during lockdown : 1 : People baking their own banana bread. 2 : People cooking fabulous meals from what's in the bottom of their fridges, ( Thanks, Jamie Oliver) 3 : People crocheting blankets. 4 : People making their own designer masks. 5 : People running/jogging/cycling in the … Continue reading Banana bread and designer masks.

Will you still love me tomorrow (up schitts creek)#AprilAtoZ

Watching so many movies during this lock-down period, reminded me of the conversation me and Jimmy had a couple of years ago while we were watching the Oscars. ( yeah OK, hands up... I'm re-blogging again) Who would play you in a movie Jimmy? What’s the movie about? I dunno…Life ‘The life and times of … Continue reading Will you still love me tomorrow (up schitts creek)#AprilAtoZ