Nine Weeks

Last weeks government announcement didn't go down too well in our house. Nine more weeksNine fucking weeks.It's not funny anymore, Jimmy.It was never funny, Bernie.But it's less funny than it was the first time.Closing the pubs wasn't funny.But we thought it was only for a couple of months.If only we knew.At least we had good … Continue reading Nine Weeks

She’s Electric

I hate Christmas shopping, especially for his aul one šŸ™„ Jimmy , d'ye think your ma would like a foot spa?I doubt it. She thinks they're dangerous.How about an electric blanket?No, she says they're dangerous too. A microwaveable heat pad?You know she doesn't own a microwave,Ā  she says......they're dangerous, yea yeah. What about a teas … Continue reading She’s Electric

Have yourself a Covid little Christmas

Where were you?Shopping.Again? You're never out of the shops lately, Bernie.There's feck all else to do ma.But you hate supermarkets. The supermarkets are the only shops open.You must be desperate.I must be.So, what are you buying?I'm getting a start on my Christmas shopping.Its only September.Its October, ma.Already? The days are flying by, but still...I know, … Continue reading Have yourself a Covid little Christmas

Penney’s Hun

So, today we begin level five lockdown. Penney's is closed now for six weeks, and after yesterdays shopping spree, I'm not even sure if its enough time for them to get new stock in for Christmas. So what did you buy, Whitney?Pyjamas, For who?For everyone?Who's everyone?Da, Kylie, Jason, J.R. Koko, me two nannies, BeyoncĆ©, Leanne...You … Continue reading Penney’s Hun