Bernie Rosé

Have you any spare wine ma? There's no such thing as spare wine, Whitney. Well, do you have a bottle I could borrow? You don't know the meaning of borrow. You take and never return. I do so. Where are the last dozen bottles you 'borrowed' then? When? Every time you're going out you take … Continue reading Bernie Rosé

Shell shocked

My grandson,Bobby came to see me yesterday. Hiya nanny, you know I'm seven next week. I do indeed love, you're growing up so fast. I'm taller than Josh in my class. I'm sure you are, sure wasn't your daddy very tall. Now listen, what would you like for your birthday? I'm getting a tortoise. Isn't … Continue reading Shell shocked

One moment in time…not the age of Aquarius

Koko really loves to wind me up and take the piss... What do you mean I'm not a Pisces anymore? There's this new sign,ma.Its called Ophiuchus, so all the dates have changed to make room for it.Well it can go and Ophuck off. I was born a Pisces and I'll stay a Pisces.No, you're Aquarius … Continue reading One moment in time…not the age of Aquarius

Banana bread and designer masks.

Things that are getting on my wick during lockdown : 1 : People baking their own banana bread. 2 : People cooking fabulous meals from what's in the bottom of their fridges, ( Thanks, Jamie Oliver) 3 : People crocheting blankets. 4 : People making their own designer masks. 5 : People running/jogging/cycling in the … Continue reading Banana bread and designer masks.