I hadn’t seen any of the girls since we got home from Beni. We had to make do with Whats app and Face time, trying to keep each other sane while we were isolating. Trying not to talk about the dreaded c word. Trying not to talk about how bad things were in  China and Italy and, especially Spain, where we’d just been on holiday.  All the bad news seemed to be coming from abroad. But the numbers diagnosed in Ireland started to creep up.  We didn’t know anyone who had the virus. Then, Julie rang me

  • Hey Julie, is Ray driving you mad yet?
  • Not yet, but  It’s actually grand not having to do the shopping. I believe the shops are still crazy.
  • I know,I’ve been looking at all the videos on Facebook. Jimmy’s not impressed, he said people are like lunatics out there.  He’s not used to supermarkets as you know.
  • He’s going to be less impressed when you tell him the latest.
  • What?
  • Breda is not very well. She has symptoms.
  • Of the virus? Oh my god.
  • Yeah, her doctor has referred her for testing. Her Christy said she’s in bits.
  • Where do they think she caught it?  Hasn’t she been isolating since we got home from Benidorm.
  • She has yeah, she’s not been well the past few days.
  • Come to think of it, she didn’t look the best on the flight. I thought she was just hungover after all the drink.
  • Yeah, she did take full advantage of the all inclusive didn’t she?
  • She wasn’t the only one, my liver is fucked.
  • And mine, I haven’t had a drink since we got home.
  • Me neither, and  all that booze we brought home too.
  • Well, god only knows when we’ll get away again, but it looks like we’re going to need it all.
  • How do you mean?
  • Anyone Breda has been in contact with, needs to self isolate and ring their doctor if they show any symptoms.
  • Well, we’ve been isolating nearly a week now.
  • I mean REALLY self isolate. Ray has to move into the spare room. You’ll have to tell Jimmy to do the same.
  • He’s gonna love that. He’ll be off to the pub tonight for a moan with the lads.
  • I don’t think so, Bernie. Have you not heard? Pubs have all been ordered to close.
  • Holy fuck.

Shit’s just got real lads, now where did I put that vodka?

13 thoughts on “Coronavirus

  1. OH boy….that had to be so frightening. So far where we live our neighbors are all ok and no one is sick but we’re keeping at home except when the stores open early for the seniors. I only go there between 7 and 8am. And then only every 10 days or so.

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