The Book Awards The Big Guys Don’t Want You To Know About

Are you an independently published author? Brilliant. Now look no further because this is the award for you. Don’t delay, submit today, or even in the next couple of weeks, because the deadline has been extended until the 31st May. What are you waiting for? Go now….and hey you published poets hiding over there in the corner, I’m talking to you too…move it, quickly before it’s too late. 😉

Tara Sparling writes

We all know about book prizes. We know how important they are, and yet how unquantifiable.

There are basically two kinds of book prizes: those which are decided by a panel of estimable judges, and those which are decided by public vote. Both are problematic.

So What’s Wrong, Ya Big Whinger?

When it comes to panel-decided prizes, the route to the judge’s eye is too often fraught with unassailable obstacles such as elitism, fashion, favouritism, or the lack of a marketing machine.

The Book Awards The Big Guys Don't Want You To Know About

Which might make it look like we should go with a popular vote instead – if it weren’t for the fact that a public vote is more to do with the popularity (or social media reach) of the author, rather than the merit of their book.

In fact, popular votes are more liable to drive me mad than any other modern inconvenience. I’ve been forced to ask for them myself from time to…

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