And so April comes around once more and it’s time for the annual AtoZ blogging challenge.I’ll be sharing my Diary of a Dublin Housewife and de daily events in my gaff. Screaming and shouting to be expected… God help yiz. Day one and sure seeing as it’s our anniversary what other way could I kick off …sure isn’t marriage a challenge in itself.

A (1)


  • It’s dat time of year again Bernie
  • I know Jimmy, doesn’t time fly
  • It does, and de older we get, de quicker it flies
  • Ah we’re not dat old Jimmy
  • Older dan we were last year Ber
  • Obviously. I can’t believe ye remembered
  • I always remember April fools day
  • Our anniversary I mean Jimmy
  • Is it?
  • Feck off you
  • Ah I’m only messin’ with ye Ber. Annyway, Radio one reminded me
  • How come?
  • Ye, Some gobshite proposed to his bird on de radio and when she said yes, he laughed and said ‘April Fool’
  • Ah dat’s horrible Jimmy
  • She was de eejit dat said yes on de radio on April fools day. She shoulda known it was a set up
  • Are you sayin’ I was an eejit for sayin’ yes to you all dem years ago
  • You were no fool Ber; You were marryin’ me
  • How did I know I wasn’t being set up by you and yer mad brothers
  • Well, ye know I’m no fool either Bernie
  • What makes ye tink dat Jimmy
  • Well, I was marryin’ you wasn’t I
  • Gerraway ye big fool
  • Some fools get lucky Ber
  • Do dey Jimmy? How d’ye make dat one out?
  • Well you were some lucky bird when ye met me
  • Go and shite Jimmy Violet. I must’ve been a fool alright. If I’d killed ye I’d have served less time
  • Ah Ber, take a joke will ye
  • Would ye do it all again Jimmy?
  • I wish it was tomorrow Ber
  • Really, aww Jimmy
  • Ye, I wouldn’t go
  • Fuck off Jimmy, dat’s not funny
  • April Fool Ber
  • You’re hilarious I’m sure
  • Happy anniversary love





Ride Sally ride

  • Sally Burke is working over in the new Lidls Jimmy
  • Who?
  • Sally Burke. I thought you used to go out with her
  • I did in me bollix
  • Anto said ye did
  • Don’t mind Anto, he only talks shite
  • So ye never  took her out then?
  • The bleedin’ tide wouldn’t take her out Bernie
  • Ah that’s rough Jimmy
  • She’s a face on her like a bag of spanners, now that’s rough
  • I didn’t think she was that bad Jimmy, a bit plain as me ma would say
  • Plain ugly ye mean. Sure she could eat an apple through a letterbox
  • So you never gave her the ride then?
  • I wouldn’t ride that one if she came with pedals Bernie
  • Don’t hold back now Jimmy will ye…

Ham sandwich

anniversary- blog


I’m a full year  on my blog. Jaysis that year flew in. I was delira with meself until Jimmy  ruined it by bein’ being a bit of a bollix .

  • I just got an anniversary message Jimmy
  • It’s not our anniversary ’til April
  • No, the anniversary of me blog. A full year
  • Well done Bernie. Sure jaysis all ye ever wrote before was yer shoppin’ list
  • I never wrote a shoppin’ list in me life
  • Well ye should. Ye know we’re out of  ham
  • Ham? Is that all you’re worried about? bleedin’ ham
  • Well I was goin’ te make a sambo and all der is is cheese
  • Well make a cheese sambo den
  • I wanted ham bu’
  • Well you’re ou’ve luck der Jimmy
  • When are ye goin’ shoppin’?
  • When I’m ready
  • When will you be ready?
  • I don’t know. I’ve to write me blog
  • You and dat feckin’ blog. Jaysis yer always at it
  • Fuck off, I am not, and ye can go de shops yerself now for dat
  • For what?
  • Moanin’ about me writin’
  • I wasn’t moanin’. I’m just starvin’
  • Well ye know where de shops are
  • Are you writin’ about me again
  • I wouldn’t waste de lead in me pencil on ye
  • Ye don’t use a pencil Ber
  • Well, I wouldn’t waste me ink den, ye big gobshite
  • Dat’s lovely talk alrigh’
  • Ye never even said congratulations
  • for wha’?
  • Jaysis Jimmy, do you not be listenin’ te me? Me blog anniversary
  • Oh righ’. Congrats Ber, well done. Dat’s deadly so it is. Brillo pads altogether
  • Don’t go overboard Jimmy. I’m still not goin’ de shops for yer ham
  • Jaysis. You’re never bleedin’ happy
  • I’ll be happy when you piss off and leave me alone
  • Are you in yer flowers Bernie?
  • Fuck off Jimmy
  • I was only askin’. Yer in an awful mood today
  • ‘Cause you’re annoyin’ me
  • Sorry for breathin’
  • So ye should be
  • Jaysis… Women!!
  • Jaysis… Men!!

Dey really do know how te wreck yer buzz don’t dey?

Platform One Writers

Platform One Writers

Platform One Writers, in association with Tallaght Community Arts Centre, is a group of dedicated writers and artists who have come together to create an exciting space in which to pool their resources.

The group is committed to both developing the existing work of the individual while also engaging with the wider writing and artistic community. Platform One would like to share their creative vision, and cross-pollinate with other art forms and generate opportunities which will benefit the community in a creative, energetic, nurturing atmosphere.

Their prose and poetry has been published worldwide.

Awards include the:

  • Hennessy Literary Award
  • Listowel Writers’ Week Short Fiction Award
  • Cecil Day Lewis Award
  • Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Award
  • James Plunkett Short Story Award
  • RTE/Penguin Short Story Competition
  • Patrick Kavanagh International Poetry Award

and many more …

2016 Meetings:

County Library, Library Square, Dublin 24 (every 2nd/4th Wednesday of the month):

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