The Vote

Election 2016

  • Who was at de door love?
  • Some fella lookin’ for a vote
  • What did ye say to him
  • I told him to fuck off
  • That was a bit rude Jimmy
  • He’s lucky I didn’t belt him one. Did he not see the sign on the door? ‘NO CANVASSERS’
  • They must be blind
  • He’s not the first one either, shower of gobshites
  • Who was he with?
  • Some bird with a clipboard
  • No, I mean what party was he with?
  • Fucked if I know Bernie
  • Did you not ask him?
  • No
  • Why not?
  • Because I don’t give a shite who he’s with
  • Who ye votin’ for ?
  • I haven’t decided yet Ber
  • Think seriously now before ye cast yer vote Jimmy
  • Wha’?
  • Joan Burton said that
  • Joan Burton can ask me swiss roll
  • She’s right bu’
  • Since when did you take any notice of what Joan Burton says?
  • Since I haven’t a bleedin’ clue who I’m votin’ for
  • Sure they’re all a shower of wasters Ber
  • Enda Kenny bu’, he’s the worst
  • He’s a gobshite
  • I think it’s Enda story for him
  • It’s Michéall Martin then
  • That smarmy fucker?
  • Gerry Adams?
  • Ah no, that’s takin’ tings a bit too far Ber
  • Ah Jimmy, ye have to vote for someone
  • Definitely not the Green party. They ruined it for themselves the last time with their empty promises.
  • Sure don’t they all make empty promises
  • I like that Ronan chap who lives up de road
  • De one who’s posting photos of himself all over West Dublin on Facebook and you’ve to guess where he is?
  • The very man Ber. He’s all for small businesses. About time someone stood up for the self employed
  • And he’s going to deal with the shocking crime in Dublin. We need to feel safe in our homes Jimmy
  • We do Ber, we do
  • …and he has a sense of humour Jimmy. I like a man with a sense of humour.
  • Enda is out so Bernie
  • Enda de line for him I hope
  • …and Joan?
  • Gone for a Burton Jimmy

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow lads.

9 thoughts on “The Vote

  1. Dear, what is your name, I looked up your older post at your suggestion, and I am disappointed.

    You write so well that you don’t need to use “f” word, as it is only used by those who have a very poor command of the English language.
    Needless to say, I don’t use it and I will not read your older posts for that reason.



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