One moment in time…not the age of Aquarius

Koko really loves to wind me up and take the piss... What do you mean I'm not a Pisces anymore? There's this new sign,ma.Its called Ophiuchus, so all the dates have changed to make room for it.Well it can go and Ophuck off. I was born a Pisces and I'll stay a Pisces.No, you're Aquarius … Continue reading One moment in time…not the age of Aquarius

Outbreak šŸ˜­

Maisie is not impressed with the new restrictions in place after the new covid19 outbreaks in the past few days. I'm not staying in again, Bernie. You don't have to stay in, ma. Just don't go out when it's busy. I'll go out when I like. They're only advising you stay in at peak times,ma. … Continue reading Outbreak šŸ˜­