The pubs and off licences are all closed on Good Friday. Jimmy is not a bit pleased. You’d swear they were never going to open again. He’s been pacing the house like a caged tiger all day.


  • Sit down Jimmy will ye. You’re making me dizzy
  • I’ve a pain in me arse sitting down Bernie
  • Well go out for a walk then
  • A walk where?
  • I don’t know. The park, the shops, your ma’s
  • The park will be full of kids. The shops will be full of crazy shoppers stocking up  as if they were expecting a nuclear attack instead of a long weekend…and me ma will be at the church all day doing the stations of the cross
  • Well go out and do the garden then
  • Ah, it’s too damp out to cut the grass
  • Do a bit of weeding then
  • Ah me back is not the best today Bernie, I’ll only make it worse if I bend down
  • Well do something Jimmy ‘cause you’re getting on my nerves
  • Well if the bleedin’ pubs were open I could go for a pint
  • I knew that’s what was wrong with you. It’s only one day Jimmy for fuck sake
  • Yeah, the one day I’m off work and can actually go for a pint, I can’t
  • You go for a pint every night Jimmy
  • Not tonight tho’ Bernie. Even Jesus had a pint at the last supper.
  • He did not Jimmy
  • Well, he had wine then
  • Not in a pub tho’
  • It’s ridiculous that they keep the pubs closed of a good Friday in this day and age. My mouth is as dry as bleedin’ Ghandi’s flip- flop
  • Have a can from the fridge if you’re that desperate
  • It’s not the same Bernie. I’m not a house drinker. I like the ambience of the pub with me mates
  • The ambience? The smell of beer and farts in that bar would knock you out sometimes
  • It’s not that bad Bernie
  • The gas emmisions would turn the air blue
  • Don’t exaggerate
  • Well, you probably do most of the farting Jimmy so you wouldn’t notice
  • You’re very pass remarkable today. I suppose yours smell of roses
  • Rose by name rose by nature Jimmy
  • What does that make me then Bernie?
  • Well they do say violets are blue
  • You’re hilarious
  • If the cap fits Jimmy
  • Fuck off, I’m going to get a can

Roll on Saturday!


11 thoughts on “Dry

  1. Wish the pub I work at was closed on Good Friday – had an exhausting shift yesterday, and probably another one today and tomorrow too! 🙂

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