Eggs -sessive :)


I love going down Meath Street on Easter Saturday. The dealers have great bargains and they’re always ready for a bit of banter. I went down early on Saturday morning to get a few eggs for the ‘kids’. They’re all grown up now but they’d go mad if they didn’t get an egg from their mammy.

  • Get your Easter eggs, three for a fiver. Would you like some eggs missus?
  • I’ll take 12 thanks love
  • 12? Jasus, are you feeding the 12 apostles or wha’?
  • It feels like it sometimes
  • I know what you mean. Mine eat me out of house and home
  • I’ll have to hide these when I get home, or they’ll be eaten before the morning
  • Ah kids, they love a bit of chocolate all the same, don’t they?
  • Kids? I’m talking about me husband love
  • Does he have a bit of a sweet tooth then?
  • Yeah, that’s why he married me
  • Does he bite then
  • Just a little nibble of a Saturday night love
  • Oooh , the saucy divil. A finger of fudge is it?
  • Yeah, and he’s fond of an aul twirl too, haha
  • As long as he doesn’t ask you for a walnut whip you’re alright
  • Or a bite of his curly wurly
  • Ah stoppit. Time out love; Time out
  • Haha, thanks for the eggs. I’d better get going. He’ll be wondering where I am
  • Ah bless, did you leave him on his toblerone?
  • Yeah, flaked out on the sofa  🙂   Happy Easter love

Pair of dirty birdies…lol

Easter eggs

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