Penney’s Hun

So, today we begin level five lockdown. Penney’s is closed now for six weeks, and after yesterdays shopping spree, I’m not even sure if its enough time for them to get new stock in for Christmas.

  • So what did you buy, Whitney?
  • Pyjamas,
  • For who?
  • For everyone?
  • Who’s everyone?
  • Da, Kylie, Jason, J.R. Koko, me two nannies, Beyoncé, Leanne…
  • You bought pyjamas for your nannies?
  • Yeah, why not?
  • Your nannies have never worn pyjamas in their lives.
  • Well, they’re in for a treat then, keep them nice and warm.
  • I can’t wait to see that.
  • They’ll be delighted.
  • I’m sure. Anyway, what about me?
  • You can’t be asking what I bought you for Christmas, ma.
  • Why not?
  • Because it’s a surprise.
  • Oh, ok so.

I hope she didn’t buy me those fleecy ones. I do be sweating in them.

9 thoughts on “Penney’s Hun

    1. We don’t have tiers, we have levels, and I’ve bloody reached mine with this pandemic 😱😱😱
      Level five means all pubs restaurants and all but essential retail are shut down. We can onky travel within a 5k radius of home and no visitors are allowed into homes. This is for 6 weeks bringing us into December. 😳😳😳


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