Have yourself a Covid little Christmas

  • Where were you?
  • Shopping.
  • Again? You’re never out of the shops lately, Bernie.
  • There’s feck all else to do ma.
  • But you hate supermarkets.
  • The supermarkets are the only shops open.
  • You must be desperate.
  • I must be.
  • So, what are you buying?
  • I’m getting a start on my Christmas shopping.
  • Its only September.
  • Its October, ma.
  • Already? The days are flying by, but still…
  • I know, I know, too early for Christmas shopping.
  • You said it, not me.
  • You know I hate the queues, and they’re only going to be worse this year with the covid.
  • Don’t mention the covid, I’m sick of the covid.
  • The covid can ask my hoop,ma. We’re all sick of it, but Christmas is coming with or without it.
  • It’s not even Halloween yet. People are just getting way ahead of themselves.What ever happened to living for the day?
  • You can’t talk, ma. I remember you buying stuff for Christmas as early as August when we were small.
  • That’s completely different, Bernie.
  • Aww, here we go…
  • We didn’t have much money with your da the only one working. And all I ever bought was a few extra bits with me weekly shop so Christmas  wasn’t so expensive.
  • Well I’m basically doing the same.
  • Your cupboards must look like Tesco’s store room at this stage.
  • Excuse me? Exactly how many toilet rolls do you have in your spare room since March?
  • That’s different. There was a shortage.
  • No there wasn’t, no thanks to you.
  • Well, now that I think about it, maybe you’re right. I think I’ll get started on my own Christmas shopping.
  • You’re going to make a list aren’t you?
  • I am.
  • And you’re going to give me the list aren’t you?
  • Sure you’ll be in the shops anyway.
  • Im sorry I opened my mouth.


15 thoughts on “Have yourself a Covid little Christmas

      1. She’d have got on with my dad. He’d go to the supermarket and come back with five carrier bags full of tinned tomatoes a five pound bag of boiled sweets and some gadget a fella on the market was selling he was sure my mother would find a use for. Never anything like proper food.

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      2. Thank God for buses. We had cupboards full of plastic things with different blades that chopped up vegetables into tiny bits. I mean, what does anyone do with tiny bits of cabbage and carrots?


  1. My Mum used to do that…
    ‘What do the kids want for Christmas?’ ‘Get me one when you’re out and I’ll wrap it up.’
    (If I wasn’t such a lousy present-wrapper-upper she’d have had me doing that too.)

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  2. I don’t know how mum and dad managed Christmas, not only six children bto buy for plus which ever waif, stray or far removed cousin that was staying with us… I do remember we’d all go shopping with her Christmas Eve and carry shopping home.
    It doesn’t happen now does it!
    Mother in law always had us doing her shopping.
    They are so crafty…we need to start learning, and fast 💜


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