Covid Eve #level5lockdown

Seven o’clock this morning and I hear the front door opening. I come down the stairs, and there’s Whitney and Koko heading out before the dawn.

  • Where are you two sneaking off to? I thought we were being burgled.
  • We’re going Christmas shopping.
  • It’s October.
  • Shops are closed tonight, ma, for six weeks.
  • It’s still dark out.
  • We’re going before the queues start.
  • The shops don’t even open until nine, did you even get a cup of tea?
  • We have coffee and muffins with us.
  • You two are bloody mad, you know that?
  • Wonder where we got that from?
  • Don’t be cheeky.
  • Do you want anything while we’re out, ma?
  • I’ll text you my list and send you money on Revolut.
  • And you wonder why we were trying to sneak out?
  • Go on, and go to Penneys first, it’s going to be mental there today.
  • Maybe you should come with us, ma.
  • Leave out, Whitney. I don’t have time for that carry on.
  • You’re going back to bed aren’t you?
  • Too bloody right I am.

I was right, it is mental out there. The world has gone mad, and I’m not far behind.

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