Penney’s Hun

So, today we begin level five lockdown. Penney's is closed now for six weeks, and after yesterdays shopping spree, I'm not even sure if its enough time for them to get new stock in for Christmas. So what did you buy, Whitney?Pyjamas, For who?For everyone?Who's everyone?Da, Kylie, Jason, J.R. Koko, me two nannies, Beyoncé, Leanne...You … Continue reading Penney’s Hun

Isolation #AtoZ

Mothers Day, and the girls were cooking dinner so I decided to make a few cocktails to cheer me up.. I needed it after that trip to Maisie's. Imagine being told to move on to let that gobshite Bernard park nearer to the window... Kylie, ask your da does he want a mojito. He said … Continue reading Isolation #AtoZ