Penney’s Hun

So, today we begin level five lockdown. Penney's is closed now for six weeks, and after yesterdays shopping spree, I'm not even sure if its enough time for them to get new stock in for Christmas. So what did you buy, Whitney?Pyjamas, For who?For everyone?Who's everyone?Da, Kylie, Jason, J.R. Koko, me two nannies, Beyoncé, Leanne...You … Continue reading Penney’s Hun

Jumping jacks and sweaty backs #AtoZchallenge

Heya Maro Hey Bernie.Where have you been? And what's with the headband?You look like an extra from Fame I was at the gym You! Joined a gym? Seriously Bernie? Well, not exactly joined You either joined or you didn't Well,I went for a free trial, Just to see if I like it And? I didn't … Continue reading Jumping jacks and sweaty backs #AtoZchallenge