No Time to die

Are you going out again tonight, Jimmy?What do you mean, again?Third time this week.Are you keeping count now?I am, yeah. Sure weren't the pubs closed for long enough, I'm just catching up, Bernie.You're well caught up by now, sure you're never out of the place.The pub industry is hanging on by a thread, hon. Don't … Continue reading No Time to die

Blue Origin

Maisie is a big Star Trek fan so she was all excited to see her hero Captain Kirk head into space yesterday... There he is, Bernie. Isn't he gorgeous?Lovely ma.D'ye know he's older than me. Can you imagine me flying into space at this age?I can't imagine you walking to Spar, ma; never mind flying … Continue reading Blue Origin

Have yourself a Covid little Christmas

Where were you?Shopping.Again? You're never out of the shops lately, Bernie.There's feck all else to do ma.But you hate supermarkets. The supermarkets are the only shops open.You must be desperate.I must be.So, what are you buying?I'm getting a start on my Christmas shopping.Its only September.Its October, ma.Already? The days are flying by, but still...I know, … Continue reading Have yourself a Covid little Christmas