What are you up to today, Bernie?I'm going home to do my knitting, ma.You? knitting? Don't make me laugh.What's so funny?You don't knit.Yes I do.Since when?Since I took it up last month.And you've kept it up for a month?Yeah, why would you think I wouldn't?Because I remember the last time you took up a pair … Continue reading Knitting

The whole tooth

Marilyn rang me ma then ma rang me ... Bernie, is that you?Yeah.Are you sure?Who did you ring ma?Bernie.Well then?I thought you were Phil. Well I'm not Phil.You girls all sound the same to me. But you rang me.You can never be too sure.Right, whatever. Anyway, what's up ma?Did you hear about, Eliza?Marilyn's daughter? What … Continue reading The whole tooth

Have yourself a Covid little Christmas

Where were you?Shopping.Again? You're never out of the shops lately, Bernie.There's feck all else to do ma.But you hate supermarkets. The supermarkets are the only shops open.You must be desperate.I must be.So, what are you buying?I'm getting a start on my Christmas shopping.Its only September.Its October, ma.Already? The days are flying by, but still...I know, … Continue reading Have yourself a Covid little Christmas