The time of our lives…

I hadn't been away since before the pandemic and I was feeling wrecked.Jimmy said it was from minding the grandkids too much and taking care of ma aswell. " you're not as young as you used to be,Bernie" he said. Cheeky fecker. Anyway, I decided a few days away to visit me best pal, Julie … Continue reading The time of our lives…


Yesterday I saw a chap I used to date years ago. Jimmy was with me. Omg, there's Shane Farrell.Who?I went out with him when I was 17. I hope he had more hair back then.He had loads of curly black hair.Where? On his legs?Don't be horrible,Jimmy. I heard he made it big in the eighties. … Continue reading Yuppie

XANADU, a place where nobody dared to go šŸ¤­

So, a few years ago,I was on a keep fit buzz. I tried everything from aerobics to zumba. I even went line dancing.šŸ˜„ I heard that Olivia Newton John song on the radio today and it reminded me of one of my more adventurous attempts. What are you doing under the stairs ma?I'm looking for … Continue reading XANADU, a place where nobody dared to go šŸ¤­

Royal birthday

We need to organise mas birthday, Jackie.I thought she didn't want anything?You know she says that every year.True, she's probably expecting something.Of course she is.She'll be surprised if there's no surprise.There'd be no living with her if we do nothing.So, what's the plan?Afternoon tea with a birthday cake and presents.We'd better get some prosecco.Of course, … Continue reading Royal birthday