Second wave #covidtwo #thebreakdown

My pal Lynda rang me last night when news leaked about a potential new lockdown and a return to level five restrictions. She's inclined to panic a bit. I can't do it again, Bernie.Calm down, Lyn will you.How can I calm down? Me nerves are shot to bits.You'll be grand. Just do what you're doing … Continue reading Second wave #covidtwo #thebreakdown

Let’s go outside

MAAAAAAAAWhat are you shouting for Koko?Did you see my fur lined leggings anywhere?They're probably on your floordrobe with the rest of your clothes.They're not, I looked.How you can find anything in that pigsty of a room is beyond me.Its not a pigsty. I know where everything is.Not your furry leggings, you don't.You must have moved … Continue reading Let’s go outside

Banana bread and designer masks.

Things that are getting on my wick during lockdown : 1 : People baking their own banana bread. 2 : People cooking fabulous meals from what's in the bottom of their fridges, ( Thanks, Jamie Oliver) 3 : People crocheting blankets. 4 : People making their own designer masks. 5 : People running/jogging/cycling in the … Continue reading Banana bread and designer masks.