D is for duty free #AprilAtoZ 2020

We always had a day out  in the pub with the gang on St. Patrick's day. Not this year, but. All the pubs were ordered to close on the 15th March. Imagine the pubs being closed on St. Paddy's  day. It's for the best, Jimmy. No parade either. You haven't been to the parade in … Continue reading D is for duty free #AprilAtoZ 2020


I hadn't seen any of the girls since we got home from Beni. We had to make do with Whats app and Face time, trying to keep each other sane while we were isolating. Trying not to talk about the dreaded c word. Trying not to talk about how bad things were in  China and … Continue reading Coronavirus

#W is forWheelchair friendly #AtoZChallenge

I'm of to the bingo Jimmy This early?It's only half five I'm collecting me ma Maisie's going to bingo? I thought she couldn't walk We got a loan of a wheelchair for her Whacker Byrne has a wheelchair friendly bus now has he? No,he's bleedin' useless, so we've to walk, that's why I'm leavin' so … Continue reading #W is forWheelchair friendly #AtoZChallenge