Pandemic #AtoZ

I can't wait to get back to doing the shopping myself, but for now,Jimmy is still in charge....well kind of What time are you going shopping, Jimmy? I'll go shortly. do you need anything special? We're running out of hand sanitizer. You won't get hand sanitizer in the shops for love nor money, Bernie. We'll … Continue reading Pandemic #AtoZ

Weight not want not #AprilAtoZChallenge

Where are you off to today Bernie? Shopping with Julie Again?I predict the smell the credit card melting I'm not buying anything; we're just looking Are you not well? I'm buying nothing until I lose weight You must have lost some weight by now. Don't start with me Jimmy You're the one eating sneaky rasher … Continue reading Weight not want not #AprilAtoZChallenge

Itsy Bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini #AtoZchallenge

I went shopping today with Julie to take my mind off the diet but easier said than done... So what are you buying today Ber? I need a new swimsuit Lets go over to Penneys so. Their bikinis are only a fiver. We can get one in every colour I won't be wearing a bikini … Continue reading Itsy Bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini #AtoZchallenge