She’s Electric

I hate Christmas shopping, especially for his aul one 🙄 Jimmy , d'ye think your ma would like a foot spa?I doubt it. She thinks they're dangerous.How about an electric blanket?No, she says they're dangerous too. A microwaveable heat pad?You know she doesn't own a microwave,  she says......they're dangerous, yea yeah. What about a teas … Continue reading She’s Electric

Jackie’s Army

Another legend gone,Bernie. Ah that's sad, Jimmy. I liked him. Best Ireland soccer manager we ever had. I actually enjoyed the world cups back then, Jimmy. Remember Italia '90? I remember you fecking off to the pub for every match and leaving me at home with the kids. Good times, Bernie, good times. For you … Continue reading Jackie’s Army

Will you still love me tomorrow (up schitts creek)#AprilAtoZ

Watching so many movies during this lock-down period, reminded me of the conversation me and Jimmy had a couple of years ago while we were watching the Oscars. ( yeah OK, hands up... I'm re-blogging again) Who would play you in a movie Jimmy? What’s the movie about? I dunno…Life ‘The life and times of … Continue reading Will you still love me tomorrow (up schitts creek)#AprilAtoZ