J is for Jimmy and joker.

Christy next door is still moaning about his job.What's he got to moan about? Sure he wouldn't work in a fit, sweeps a few streets,then goes to the pub. He must be worn out.Said he's had the same sweeping brush for five years.Shows how much he uses it,lazy fecker.He said since he got it he's … Continue reading J is for Jimmy and joker.

G is for Granny and grandad.

Reminiscing last night about when Whitney went into labour with JZ. I could barely get dressed; never mind have a shower, and he was in there singing. My nerves were gone. Our Whitney was in labour and instead of getting her bag out to the car, he was in the shower singing. Are you serious, … Continue reading G is for Granny and grandad.

She’s Electric

I hate Christmas shopping, especially for his aul one 🙄 Jimmy , d'ye think your ma would like a foot spa?I doubt it. She thinks they're dangerous.How about an electric blanket?No, she says they're dangerous too. A microwaveable heat pad?You know she doesn't own a microwave,  she says......they're dangerous, yea yeah. What about a teas … Continue reading She’s Electric

Will you still love me tomorrow (up schitts creek)#AprilAtoZ

Watching so many movies during this lock-down period, reminded me of the conversation me and Jimmy had a couple of years ago while we were watching the Oscars. ( yeah OK, hands up... I'm re-blogging again) Who would play you in a movie Jimmy? What’s the movie about? I dunno…Life ‘The life and times of … Continue reading Will you still love me tomorrow (up schitts creek)#AprilAtoZ