• Have you been shopping again Ber?
  • I might have
  • What’s in the bags?
  • Mind your nose
  • Why?
  • Just do Jimmy
  • Jaysis I’m only askin’
  • Well don’t
  • You’re a bleedin’ shopaholic Bernie
  • It’s the sales Jimmy. Everyone goes into the sales
  • Last week it was ‘It’s Christmas Jimmy, everyone shops at Christmas’
  • You weren’t complaining when you opened all your presents were you?
  • Did you leave anything in the shops?
  • The memory of me with my credit card
  • You spent that much?
  • You better believe it Jimmy
  • So what did you buy?
  • It’s a surprise
  • I told you not to buy me anything Ber
  • I didn’t…that’s the surprise
  • Very funny
  • I’m bringing this lot upstairs out of the way
  • Is that you finished with the sales then Ber?
  • Are you kiddin’ me Jimmy?
  • What?
  • I’ve barely started
  • Did we win the Lotto and you forgot to tell me Bernie?
  • If I won the Lotto, you’d be the first to know Jimmy
  • Really?
  • Yeah. I’d send you a postcard from the Bahamas

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