There is a crack in everything…That’s how the light gets in


  • What’s up with you today Bernie?
  • I’m just sad Jimmy
  • Everyone is sad today Ber
  • I just can’t believe it
  • Neither can I. It’s shocking
  • Shocking
  • What were they thinking?
  • Who?
  • The Americans
  • What’s it got to do with them?
  • They elected him
  • What? Who?
  • Trump
  • Would you ever fuck off Jimmy
  • What did I say now?
  • You think I give a shite about that orange sap today
  • I thought that’s why you were so sad
  • Why would I be sad about that gobshite?
  • It’s just so unbelievable. God help us all
  • They elected him, he’s President. End of story, nothing much we can do about it Jimmy
  • What’s up with you so?
  • Leonard Cohen died Jimmy
  • Ah fuck that Bernie, no way. Jaysis is there anyone decent left alive?
  • Puts things into perspective doesn’t it Jimmy?
  • Sure does Ber
  • …it’s time that we began
    to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again

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