I is for inheritance.

Are you going on holidays, ma?Thinking about it, why?Where are you going?Not sure yet. Rome, India, the Bahamas.The Bahamas is very expensive.We have savings. You can't be spending all that.Why can't I?That's our inheritance.It is in its arse.I'm only joking. You go enjoy yourself while you can.What do mean, while I can?Clock is ticking ma, … Continue reading I is for inheritance.

Jimmy ( Running away)#AtoZChallenge

Does anyone else have a secret stash? Running away money we call it. Mine is in an old  Bisto Tin. My ma gave it to me before I got married. 'But a few bob in there whenever you can. You never know the day or the hour you might need to get out Bernie' she … Continue reading Jimmy ( Running away)#AtoZChallenge