• What’s in the bag Jimmy?
  • Bunting
  • More bunting?
  • You can never have too much bunting Bernie
  • Eh yeah, ye can. The house is covered in them already
  • These are for Alison next door, she asked me to pick up a few for her, she’s all excited for the Euros
  • So excited she told me you were gone off in a green white and orange transit van to France
  • I told her it was the lads from work. I was just givin’ them a dig out to spray it. Now did you think I’d go off to France without seeing you after being away so long Ber?
  •  I suppose I should count meself luck you didn’t paint the house green white and orange while I was away
  • Yeah, dead lucky Ber
  • What’s in that bag in the hall?
  • Emmmm, paint
  • What kind of paint
  • Green white and orange paint
  • You can fuck right off Jimmy Violet
  • Why?
  • You’re not painting the front of my house like the Irish flag
  • Why not?
  • Are you actually serious Jimmy Violet?
  • It’s only for a couple of weeks for the Euros, then I’ll paint it back any colour you like Ber
  • I like it the colour it is now
  • Grand I’ll get a few tins of that then when I get back from France
  • You will in your swiss roll. It’s stayin’ the way it is now
  • You’re such a dry shite Bernie
  • Why? Because I don’t want me gaff looking like the tricolour
  • It’s patriotic Ber
  • Shurrup Jimmy. You won’t even be here. I’m the one who’ll have to look at it while you’re swannin’ around France with Jackie’s army
  • It’s not Jackie’s army anymore Bernie…
  • I don’t care what yizzer called
  • You’re just a spoilsport and…
  • And what Jimmy? AND WHAT?
  • …and you’re so easy to wind up
  • How?
  • That’s the paint left over from spraying the van for the lads in work. Did ye really think I’d paint the gaff green white and orange? What sort of gobshite d’ye take me for?
  • Don’t make me answer that
  • You’re face bu’ Bernie. Fuckin’ priceless. Wait ’til I tell the lads about this
  • Go on have a good laugh with yer mates about me
  • Ah bu’ it was funny
  • Fuckin’ hilarious. What time is your flight?
  • Ten bells Bern.
  • You’d better get your skids on then, look at the time. What time is the match this evening?
  • Five o’clock Irish time. Will ye be watchin’ on the telly?
  • I will in me hoop. I’ve better things to be doin’ with me life than watchin’ a bunch of yoyos runnin’ around a pitch after a ball
  • Ah gerraway oua’ tha’ You always say that and then you’re the one screamin’ the loudest
  • Will ye get out the door and stop annoyin’ me Jimmy
  • Watch out for me on the telly won’t ye Ber?
  • I will yeah
  • I’ll be the one in green
  • Sure how could I miss ye Jimmy

Ireland euros

Come On You Boys In Green  😉

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