Euro Welcome home



  • Howya Bernie. Have you been away on your holliers again?
  • Ah howya Alison. I wish. Me sister wasn’t well. I was stayin’ with her for a while to give her a hand with the kids.
  • Aww, I hope she’s ok love. What was wrong with her?
  • She had a fall and broke her leg, been on crutches for the past six weeks but she got the cast off the other day and is doing grand
  • Ah that’s good. Glad she’s ok
  • Not a bother on her now, and I’m glad to be home
  • I missed you going in and out
  • Did Jimmy not tell you where I was?
  • I haven’t seen much of him to be honest. He was up and gone to work before I got out of the bed, you know I don’t get up early, and I was usually gone to bed by the time he got home
  • You must be going to bed very early these days hun
  • No, about ten or eleven o’clock
  • He never said he was workin’ late every night
  • Ah he probably wanted to keep busy when you were away
  • Busy down the pub and in his mas ye mean
  • Ah don’t tell him I said anything hun. He’ll think I’ve been spying on him
  • I’ll say nothin’ Alison. It doesn’t take Jimmy too long to hang himself
  • Ah Jimmy is great. Look he even has the flags out for you coming home
  • They’re not for me hun, they’re for the Euros
  • All the same,I bet he’s dying to see you. Does he know you’re home ?
  •  No, I thought I’d surprise him
  • Oh it’ll be a surprise aright
  • How d’ye mean?
  • He’s not in. I saw him getting into a van with his brothers about half an hour ago
  • The work van?
  • No, it was a transit van, painted green white and orange. Lovely it was
  • I’ll bleedin’ kill him
  • Why?
  • He’s obviously fecked off to France early for the Euros
  • Ah that’s nice for him
  • Isn’t it just
  • Anyway, welcome home Bernie
  • Ye, welcome bleedin’ home Bernie…

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