Al Fresco or Tescos?

al fresco 1

  • Ah howya Bernie
  • Ah howya Eilo, long time no see..
  • Where are you off to?
  • Just walkin’ up to Tesco to buy a bit of lunch
  • Ah feck that, come on over and join me for a cappuccino
  • Get you being all continental on the side of the road
  • Ah sure if Mohammed can’t go to the mountain and all that Berno, ye know yerself
  • I’m assumin’ Bart is gone to France for the Euros then?
  • He is, jammy fecker went last night. He couldn’t get the time off work for the first match
  • Jimmy and the lads went on Monday morning.They were up half the night partyin’ with the Swedes after the match
  • Jaysis, can you imagine what they’d be like if they won?
  • I know. There’d be no stoppin’ them
  • Sure he was only gone and he was ringin’ me from the airport
  • Ah, loves young dream. Was he missin’ ye already
  • He was in his swiss. He only rang to see if he left his vuvuzela on the kitchen table
  • Ah jaysis, too much information Eilo
  • Shurrup ye durtburd Bernie. It’s a horn
  • Still too much information Eilo. What did he want you to do, post it over to him?
  • No, he just wanted to moan about it. He’s not happy til he has a bit of a moan in the mornin’ and sure the lads won’t listen to him. Anyway, I brought his horn down the pub last night. A gang of us went to watch the match.
  • So you were blowin’ Barts horn down the pub
  • Too right Berno, Sure we all had a go of Barts horn
  • I’m sure he’ll be delighted.
  • He’ll be ragin’. The big gobshite. Somethin’ else for him to moan about
  • Have you heard how they’re gettin’ on? Apart from him missin’ his horn like.
  •  Eating breakfast in some sidewalk café  in Bordeaux no doubt. I wouldn’t be able for him.
  • ..and you havin’ to dine al fresco in Inchicore
  • Not for much longer Ber. Look at them clouds.
  • Summer me arse. I wouldn’t mind a few days in France meself
  • Ah come on I’ll buy ye a baguette to cheer you up
  • Get you. It’s far from baguettes you were reared Eilo Farrell
  • Excuse me, I’ve been to Lourdes twice with the ladies club
  • Ye, I remember the last time you came home on crutches
  • Ah scarlet for meself.  I fell off a table singing Karaoke at the Hotel
  • You’re mad. Come on inside, it’s goin’ to lash down. D’ye want a cappuccino or a latte?
  • Ah no fuck it, just get us a can of lilt Ber. I’m parchin’
  • You’re just so typically tropical Eilo



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