I thought I was great after the colonoscopy procedure but when Jimmy picked me up from the hospital I went straight home and collapsed into the bed. I slept for the whole afternoon. I was bleedin’ knackered. It was dark when I woke up…

  • Are you awake Bernie?
  • Hmmmm
  • Are you awake?
  • I am now
  • I brought you a cup of tea
  • Thanks love
  • Would you like a something to eat?
  • A slice of toast would be lovely Jimmy
  • No bother. I’ll make it for you now
  • Lovely
  • I thought you were never going to wake up
  • How long was I asleep?
  • Four hours
  • Really?
  • Ye, you were out for the count
  • What time is it?
  • Half six
  • Did you have your dinner?
  • No, I was waiting for you to wake up
  • Ah, that’s nice. What are you making?
  • Me? I thought you’d make it
  • Are you serious? You’re waiting for me to make your dinner?
  • You know I can’t cook Bernie
  • You don’t know until you try Jimmy
  • I never had to try Bernie
  • Your ma spoiled you rotten
  • What about you
  • What about me?
  • You spoiled me too
  • Did I?
  • You always do the cooking
  • Not today
  • Ah you have a rest there Bernie. You’ve been through the mill at that hospital
  • Yeah, I do feel wrecked alright
  • I’ll just go make your toast and a fresh cuppa and then I’d organise dinner
  • Are you really going to cook Jimmy?
  • I am in me bollix. I’ll go to the chipper
  • Good man
  • I’m glad your ok Ber
  • Were you worried about me?
  • Of course I was. Who’d make me dinner if anything happened to you?
  • Fuck off Jimmy
  • I’m only messin’
  • I know you are
  • It’s taken a lot out of you.
  • I’m grand. I’ll be back to meself by the morning
  • Of course you will. Love you Bernie
  • Love you too Jimmy
  • I’ll go get that tea and toast
  • Thanks love

Ah, he’s not a bad aul skin all the same  🙂

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