Sunny Delight


Next doors dog keeps escaping into our garden and leaving little ‘messages’

Jimmy is not impressed…

  • That dog’s done a shite in our garden again
  • Ah poor Sunny
  • Sunny my arse
  • Poor Alison doesn’t get out much to bring him for a walk, he just comes in for a change of scenery
  • He comes in here to do his business and then leaves
  • I’ll bring him out for a walk for her later
  • It’s a bit late, he’s already shit on me roses
  • Sure that’s like fertiliser isn’t it?
  • He’s not a bleedin cow Bernie
  • Poo is poo isn’t it?
  • Dog shite is toxic
  • Ah no way. I’m not having that. I’ll have to talk to Alison
  • How is the fucker getting in? that’s what I want to know
  • There’s a gap in the fence, that’s how he’s getting in
  • There’s a gap in his arse, that’s how it’s getting out
  • Oh just mend the gap then
  • I’ll mend his gap
  • Just do something temporary, put up a piece of wood  until we can get the fence repaired
  • I’ll give him a temporary foot up his swiss roll if he does it again
  • Ah leave him alone Jimmy

Who says it’s a dogs life ?

2 thoughts on “Sunny Delight

  1. We had a dog used to do the same to our yard. This is one of the reasons i don’t have a dog, i know i wouldn’t be able to walk it enough and it would cause trouble!

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