Ma found out that I had the virus, she was livid.  I can't believe you didn't tell me. Tell you what? (shite, I knew she'd go mad) You know what. You had the covid and never told me, your own mother. I didn't want to worry you ma. I'm your mother, worrying is what mothers … Continue reading Maisie

Family ties (Bernard) #AtoZBloggingchallenge.

Me ma has us girls running around after her like blue arsed flies, but god forbid she'd disturb any of her sons. I'm getting sick of it. I took the day off last week to bring her for her hospital appointment... Hiya ma are you ready? No Why not? Why aren't you dressed? I'm not … Continue reading Family ties (Bernard) #AtoZBloggingchallenge.

Nice legs shame about the face #AtoZChallenge

Monday with Maisie and she still just says what she's thinking. I don't know how she gets away with it ... Are you still watching your weight Bernie? Along with everyone else ma So how's it going? It's not Those bloody diets are a waste of bloody time anyway Tell me about it And all … Continue reading Nice legs shame about the face #AtoZChallenge