Betty white

Im not well, Bernie. I think I'm on my way.Where?My way out.Why are you going out if you're not well, ma?I'm not going out.You just said...You know what I meant.What's wrong with you?I just don't feel myself, maybe I have the covid.You haven't got covid.Maybe I should do an astringent test.Ma, you've done an astrig … Continue reading Betty white

Child of Prague

A few years ago, pre covid ( those were the days) me ma rang me one morning... Bernie, can you ask one of your lads to drop over. I need them to get into the attic for me.What do you want from the attic ma?My child of Prague.For what?Mrs. Byrnes grand daughter is getting married … Continue reading Child of Prague

Family ties (Bernard) #AtoZBloggingchallenge.

Me ma has us girls running around after her like blue arsed flies, but god forbid she'd disturb any of her sons. I'm getting sick of it. I took the day off last week to bring her for her hospital appointment... Hiya ma are you ready? No Why not? Why aren't you dressed? I'm not … Continue reading Family ties (Bernard) #AtoZBloggingchallenge.