Soft day, thank god.

  • Does no one talk about the weather anymore, Bernie?
  • Do they not? I hadn’t noticed to be honest.
  • I can’t remember the last time anyone said “Isn’t that a fierce wind?” Or “soft day thank god”.
  • Ma, no one ever says “soft day thank god”.
  • I do.
  • No you don’t.
  • I do so.
  • I’ve never heard you say “soft day, thank god”.
  • Sure you don’t be listening to me half the time, Bernie.
  • What?
  • All people talk about now is the covid. Covid this, covid that, covid my arse. I’m sick of the bloody covid. I actually miss the days of the big storm warnings.
  • Everyone is sick of the covid ma, but what can we do?
  • At least with the weather we have a bit of change; raining, windy, cold, hot. with the covid it’s all doom and gloom. People sick, people dying, people suffering from depression.
  • …businesses closing down, people out of work.
  • Pubs shut. Holidays cancelled. How much change do you want, ma?
  • …and we’re not allowed leave town.
  • In fairness, that doesn’t affect you ma. You don’t go anywhere anyway.
  • But I knew I could. It’s the knowing I can’t that makes me want to go.
  • Where do you want to go?
  • Anywhere; Spain, the Bahamas, Bray.
  • Bray is in Wicklow, you can’t go there. You know we were advised not to leave Dublin.
  • I’m fed up being told where I can and can’t go.
  • Aren’t we all ma. Anyway, you hate Bray.
  • Yeah, it’s a miserable aul place.
  • What about Howth?
  • I do like Howth
  • Howth’s in Dublin.
  • Your da used to bring me.
  • Come on, I’ll bring you now.
  • In this weather?
  • The sun is trying to break through there, look.
  • It could lash later. I can’t be doing with Howth in the rain.
  • My weather app says chance of rain is 5%.
  • Don’t mind your app, sure can’t I see see rain from here.
  • Do you want to go or not?
  • Maybe another day.
  • We’ll just sit here and talk about the weather then, ma.
  • Soft day thank god.

😳😳😳 Give me fucking patience.

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