Betty white

  • Im not well, Bernie. I think I’m on my way.
  • Where?
  • My way out.
  • Why are you going out if you’re not well, ma?
  • I’m not going out.
  • You just said…
  • You know what I meant.
  • What’s wrong with you?
  • I just don’t feel myself, maybe I have the covid.
  • You haven’t got covid.
  • Maybe I should do an astringent test.
  • Ma, you’ve done an astrig antigen test every day since Christmas, they were all negative.
  • Well, you can’t be too careful.
  • Yeah, YOU can.
  • I’ll just do one more.
  • There are no more.
  • You’ll have to go to the chemist.
  • I did, they’re sold out.
  • Oh, holy lord, what will I do now?
  • You’ll do nothing ma, because there’s nothing wrong with you.
  • How do you know, you’re not a doctor.
  • Because you haven’t left the house in six months, and you’ve seen no one but me since Christmas.
  • You could have it
  • I don’t have it.
  • But …
  • Ma, you’re double jabbed, and boostered and you’ve not been a close contact, I don’t have it, none of the family have it and you don’t have it.
  • But they said on the news that its rampant.
  • Turn off that bloody news, it has you gone demented.
  • You know Betty White died, Lord rest her.
  • I heard, very sad.
  • She was double jabbed and boostered.
  • Was she?
  • She hadn’t been out in ages either.
  • She was 99,ma.
  • There was nothing wrong with her at Christmas either.
  • Leave it out will you. The woman died of old age.
  • We’ll never know, Bernie. She was the last of the golden girls, just like me.
  • I bet she wasn’t a hypochondriac like you
  • I am not.
  • Whatever you say, ma.
  • I’m just careful.
  • Im going down the shops, ma, do you want anything?
  • If you’re going to Aldi…
  • I’ll see if they’ve any antigen tests, yeah.
  • Don’t forget your…
  • I have my mask, and my hand sanitiser.
  • Stay safe
  • Its Aldi ma, not Beirut.

Happy new year everyone 😍

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