End of story #AprilAtoZ


Maisie is still on her hobby horse; moaning about me going to Benidorm. She rang me when she heard Breda was sick.

  • You just wouldn’t listen to me would you?
  • I tried my best
  • What?
  • I said you always know best, ma.
  • Now look at you in isolation.
  • I’m not the only one in isolation.
  • No, you and all your Benidorm buddies.
  • Let it rest ma will you.
  • You thought you’d never get on that plane.
  • Oh for God’s sake ma, will you leave it out. I’m sick listening to you and Jimmy going on about it. I went, I enjoyed myself, I came home. End of story.
  • It could have been end of story for you alright, Bernie. There’s thousands dying over there, then you fly back and bring the virus with you.
  • I didn’t bring the virus home with me.
  • Well your friend Breda did.
  • We don’t even know if she has it, ma.
  • I heard she’s dying.
  • Well, you heard wrong, she’s getting better everyday, now stop it with your rumour mongering.
  • I hope I don’t get if from you.
  • I don’t have it, and anyway I haven’t seen you in two weeks ma.
  • You were here the day before you flew off.
  • You just said I brought it back with me, make your mind up will you.
  • Don’t start getting in a mood with me, Bernie.
  • Well, stop blaming me on the whole pandemic.
  • There’s no talking to you when you’re like this.
  • Bye so.
  • I have to go anyway. My neighbourhood watch watsapp is beeping like mad. I hope it’s not bad news.
  • Don’t let me keep you.
  • Ring me when you’re in a better mood, Bernie.
  • How does September suit?

She hung up on me!

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