Child of Prague

A few years ago, pre covid ( those were the days) me ma rang me one morning…

  • Bernie, can you ask one of your lads to drop over. I need them to get into the attic for me.
  • What do you want from the attic ma?
  • My child of Prague.
  • For what?
  • Mrs. Byrnes grand daughter is getting married on Friday and I promised her I’d loan her mine.
  • Mrs. Byrne, ‘kisser of the altar rails’? I’m surprised she hasn’t got one of her own.
  • She did, but it went missing a few years ago, actually your Koko told me that it was the young one that’s getting married that borrowed it and never brought it back.
  • Why would she be borrowing her grannies child of Prague?
  • They were going to one of them festival thingys and she brought it, hoping it would keep the rain away.
  • She brought the child of Prague to Electric Picnic? I’ve heard it all now. Could she not just have left it outside her nanny’s house?
  • She said wanted the good weather in Stradbally, not Drimnagh.
  • I thought it was only for weddings?
  • It is, but the young one heard her ma saying it was to ensure good weather for your big day and she thought ‘hey this is a big day for me’.
  • So, did it work then?
  • Kind of.
  • What do you mean; kind of?
  • Turns out that one of the lads fecked it out the window on the Naas Road near Walkinstown; it never got to Stradbally.
  • So?
  • So, The sun shone all that weekend in Walkinstown, and they were lashed out of it in Stradbally.
  • I’ll send J.R. over when he gets in from work.

*It’s an old Irish superstition that if you place the child of Prague outside on the day before your wedding, you’ll be blessed with fabulous weather for your big day. 

16 thoughts on “Child of Prague

  1. Bernie is that a true story about the young girl taking the Child of Prague to a festival.. and it getting thrown out the window. If you wrote that in a book people wouldn’t believe it.
    Great post as ever. I hope you and yours are really well 💜

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  2. Of course, I got impatient after I started this post and Googled the statue to see what it meant. Only after I returned and finished what you wrote did I see your explanation at the bottom — which was far better than anything I found on Lord Google. I need to learn patience. Great post and thanks, as always, for the laughs! – Marty

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  3. I never knew his speciality was weddings. My great-gran’s statue was massive, in a glass case. My mother’s got lost. One day he was on the window ledge in her bedroom (I know because I knocked him over while I was on the phone) and next day my sister’s eldest asked who’d got the Infant of Prague because she wanted him for something. He’d gone. Sounds like they make a habit of it.


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