Farts #Bloggingfromatoz

  • See some poor young one ended up in hospital because she held her farts in for too long.
  • Why would she hold her farts in?
  • She didn’t want to let one off in front of her new boyfriend.
  • Could she not do it when she wasn’t with him?
  • Surely she wasn’t with him 24/7?
  • She could leave the room when she felt the urge.
  • Like you, you mean?
  • There isn’t always time.
  • I bloody know.
  • I couldn’t hold it in.
  • I bloody know.
  • It’s bad for you to hold it in. That poor girl just proved my point.
  • God help her.
  • As my da always used to say, it’s better out than your eye.

And he always does what his da told him 😳

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