Dreams of an everyday housewife.

  • Is this it,Jimmy?
  • What?
  • Life.
  • What do you mean?
  • Get up, get washed, get dressed, have breakfast, hoover the stairs. Same shite everyday.
  • You don’t hoover the stairs everyday.
  • You know what I mean. Housework,  cooking, cleaning. It’s all I do.
  • You go to the supermarket.
  • Be still my beating heart.
  • What do you want to do?
  • I want a bit of excitement before I die.
  • You hardly have one foot in the grave, Bernie.
  • We may as well still be in lockdown.
  • You can go to the pub.
  • I don’t want to go to the pub every night.
  • You said that’s what you wanted to do when lockdown was over.
  • I was stir crazy, I was desperate for freedom.
  • Well, now you have it.
  • I want to do something with my life.
  • Like what?
  • Travel, see the world. I want to dance. I want to have fun.
  • We went to Wexford last month and you looked like you were having fun dancing with aul Danny.
  • Two nights in your brothers mobile is hardly travelling the world, and doing the walls of Limerick at the ceilí with an aul farmer isn’t what I meant.
  • You made his dream come true, he said if he was ten only years younger…
  • Ten years? Cheeky fecker. He’s 80 if he’s a day.
  • You made his night all the same.
  • You’re not helping,Jimmy.
  • I’m trying to cheer you up.
  • Thanks, it’s nice to know I made another old man happy.
  • Oh, who’s the cheeky fecker now then?
  • You started it.

I’m still dreaming…

34 thoughts on “Dreams of an everyday housewife.

  1. Lol this is just how I feel, we even postpone a holiday in February, our friends went and had a great time…. They sent us lots of photos of the Carribbean resort we were ment to be in and facetimed us! …Hubby had the cheek to say .. ” it’s like we were there” …..I am a patient woman he’s still alive!
    Why did he postpone? The hoops we’d of had to jump through were too much for him…. Just after we cancelled most restrictions were lifted.. 🥺


  2. Get writing. You’re never lonely, you’re always too busy to hoover the stairs, too busy to do the messages (give Jimmy a list, that’s why husbands are taught how to read) and you rearrange the universe just the way you want it.

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      1. It might not have been the right publisher, might just have been because it was your first. They say the first one is always embarrassing. Write another one. You get better. Make sure you get a few people (not your mam either) to read it before you send it out to get an idea of whether it makes sense. I’ll volunteer for one.

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      2. I mean it. There’s so much utter shite around that gets published because people like to read shite. You have to try to be different, even if the odds on getting published are long.

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      3. Course it is. Just look at the profiles of the clients on a reputable agent’s list. They’ve all been to/taught in a top university/worked in TV/for the Guardian/the Royal Ballet/run some media company/won awards for being top war reporter or some other high profile thingy. The likes of you and me don’t count. Unless you get lucky.

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      4. 75k that’s almost a whole novel! You’ve got stamina. I aim for about 80k knowing that it’ll end up longer, but at least if you’re telling yourself when you get to 80 it’s finished, makes it easier going.

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      5. If you can see what needs ripping out, you’re already looking at it in a better way. Loads of writers can never see anything wrong with what they’ve written. And never want to reduce the text.

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      6. If it’s a while since you looked at it, I’d be tempted to go back to the beginning and edit now, stripping out anything you can see is not needed. Then finish it. Easy 🙂


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