Dreams of an everyday housewife.

Is this it,Jimmy?What?Life.What do you mean?Get up, get washed, get dressed, have breakfast, hoover the stairs. Same shite everyday.You don't hoover the stairs everyday.You know what I mean. Housework,  cooking, cleaning. It's all I do.You go to the supermarket.Be still my beating heart.What do you want to do?I want a bit of excitement before I … Continue reading Dreams of an everyday housewife.

#Hinching #AprilAtoz

Whitney bought a book and a bottle of wine for me for mothers day. Hinch Yourself Happy. What the fuck is this all about Whit? A woman who cleans her house. I thought it would cheer you up. You thought a book about housework would cheer me up? Well, it's not just about cleaning. She … Continue reading #Hinching #AprilAtoz