• Ma, can you look after Beyoncè? Ive to bring Jay -Z to the hospital.
  • What happened him this time?
  • He fell in the yard in school, split his knee.
  • Again? Its a wonder that child has a pair of trousers to his name.
  • I think he’ll need stitches, again.
  • Holy mother of divine, that child’s had enough stitches to run up a suit.
  • I’m just glad it happened in school this time, they’re starting to give me funny looks everytime I turn up at A&E with him.
  • Don’t be minding them, sure weren’t you as bad at his age, always falling off the roof.
  • I didn’t always fall, your sons had a lot to do with it, and Kylie was as bad.
  • You were as bad as the lot of them, don’t be acting the poor defenceless me.
  • No sympathy from you, as per.
  • Leave it out,Whitney. Sympathy doesn’t pay the bills. Anyway how is JZ bearing up?
  • Not a bother, sitting here eating a choc ice.
  • He’s made of steel that fella.
  • Literally.
  • Bionic, just like his mammy.

16 thoughts on “Bionic

  1. Those children will about put you in the grave. My firstborn son had 3 trips to the emergency room, two trips to the doctor for emergencies, and 8 calls to the poison control center by his 3rd birthday. How i had the steel to have more children i do not understand.

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  2. My mother lost a few brain cells dealing with all the holes I put in the knees of my school uniform trousers as a kid. She even got trousers with steel-reinforced knee patches and I put a hole through the knee on the first day! I never needed stitches though. I guess my skin was tougher than steel.

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  3. I was up and down to the hospital with the eldest. He was was known by name! He had a catalogue of horrendous accidents…on the few occasions I turned up with one of the other boys it threw them all off kilter!
    I hope the lad is okay now? 💜


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